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The Soup We Find Ourselves In!


We live in a time of apocalypse, with intersecting global ecological and climate crises, social injustice, and collapsing economic and governance systems. Our mammalian threat responses are on high-alert: individualism, social media, and neoliberal economic models have pitted us against each other, separating us from ourselves, each other and the planet. We lack the relational skills ( + and nervous system regulation strategies) to know how to be together during a time when we need each other the most. In response to this context, we must build a place to practice the dance of precarity, mystery and chaos and together imagine the world to come (in Hebrew- Olam Haba).

Our Response--

Grief Circus:

Practicing the Lost Arts of the Wyld Unknown




Grief Circus is a research institute, education and advocacy center, and living laboratory dedicated to developing and sharing the technologies of play, artistry and reunion – for people, planet, and spirit. We are a collective of activists, artists and trickster mischief-makers reviving the lost arts: ritual technologies of playful multispecies relationality.


We teach, perform, and curate social technologies of togetherness that help us relate well to difference, and overturn the destructive, extractive human-centric hierarchies that are destroying the planet and all its people, human and more-than human.


Grief Circus designs resilient futures through purposeful play, mundane pleasure and daring creative expression. We are invested in developing a cultural body equipped for agility and awe in the face of collapse and uncertain futures.

You might think of us as a living archive of mutual care and remembering in the library of the world to come. 

Grief Circus aims to present interdisciplinary programming in curation and collaboration with underserved voices, artists, teachers + thought leaders who are helping to shape the world to come through the avenues of collective liberation, neuroscientific + animistic exploration. We are orienting around  distributed roles and resource sharing in community and creating the conditions to explore the dissolution of the rugged individual in real time.

Call for Community Support

Grief Circus is Looking for a Home!
Inquire within for more details

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