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An uncompromising voice in contemporary music, Arrington de Dionyso integrates ancient soundmaking techniques with trans-modernist inquiries into the nature of consciousness. His propulsive improvisations utilize voice and reeds (primarily bass clarinets and his invention the Bromiophone) as multiphonic tools in the navigation of liminal spaces between shamanic seance and rock and roll ecstasy.


While deeply rooted in the punk inclination to tear down musical standards in an effort for liberation, Arrington's music weds no-wave iconoclasm with the spiritual searching of Albert Ayler-era free jazz to reach towards an unveiling of primordially potent universalities. His compositions embrace sounds as colors, placing emphasis on the complimentary spectrums- from circular overtones whispered through bamboo flutes to the penetrating and deeply guttural howls of amplified throatsinging- all with the lungs of an Olympiad.

Whether as a band leader or solo performer Arrington's music evokes an "Ancient Future", sometimes shocking and hallucinatory, always aiming to channel Spirit. 

Philadelphia-based percussionist Ben Bennett’s unassuming appearance provides no hints to the astounding, iconoclastic creativity within, fueled by a desire to get the most varied and visceral array of sounds from the simplest of instruments. Using a wide assortment of drums, cymbals, tubes, pieces of metal and various found objects, Bennett not only strikes them but also uses friction and his own lungs to gently coax or violently wrench unusual and unfamiliar sounds from them. Bennett has quickly built up a reputation in the universe of free improv with his solo performances and collaborations with many notable improvisers.


Within the last two years, Bennett has gained international notoriety for his series of “Sitting and Smiling” Internet videos, which feature him sitting without moving for four-hour blocks of time, bearing an enormous grin on his face. These 275 videos (and counting) have cumulatively garnered over ten million views from people in over 200 countries and have been the subject of articles in The Atlantic, Vice and many other media outlets. Bennett is also a performance artist, spoken-word artist, sculptor and forager.

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Registration is
CLOSED for the course beginning 2/4.
If you haven't emailed with us, you're not registered.
Join our email for info about upcoming sessions and pre-registration <3 

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Your hosts:

Swerv wizely 

+Grace bryant


Together we are:

  • Crafting intergenerational village. 

  • Regularly excited about sharing things together, especially a pot of hot coffee and breakfast cookies. 

  • Glad we found each other and that we get to team up and go after the goodness we seek in the world. 

  • Singing, dancing, praying, wailing, moving, listening, playing and laughing. 

  • Slowing down and noticing what is right in front of us. 

  • Fanning the flames of each other’s unique way about the world. 

  • Anchoring a liberated and full spectrum life for all sentient beings.

Transparency around pricing: The cost of this course covers venue rental, supplies, and transportation +time for facilitators. 5% of all proceeds will go to a local Indigenous organization. Outside of that, weboth choose to focus our energy on community creation, not financially driven jobs, which means in the current economy we rely on workshop proceeds to support our families. 

This course is offered on a sliding scale. Please feel into this cost based on your current relationship with finances. Scholarships, payment plans, and other exchanges of energy are available. Let’s chat about how we can be in right relationship with the container, money, time and valuing one another.

Actual Cost: $150-200

Supported by community: $75-125

Supporting expansion/accessibility: $250

(These prices represent total for 5 sessions) 

Please remit payment to confirm registration or email us to make other arrangements.

- Paypal:

-Venmo: @swerv_wizely 

Spells for Change:

Seeding the Future one Word at a Time 


Since time immemorial stories have been the glue between people and ideas, between ideas and the creation of life. We’d like to revive the art of gathering, telling our stories and collectively turning our gaze towards “what comes next?” 


As we mosey into year three of one of the largest documented collective shifts in human history, it’s clear that no one set of eyes can see everything we need. Knowing this, it seems only fitting that we practice hearing what others can see and sharing what only we can see as a jumping off point for the world to come. 


Q. What do you mean by spells in this context?

When we write or speak, we are spelling our current beliefs into actual material existence, changing the way we think, feel and perceive the world! Writing and storytelling are practices of presence and manifestation simultaneously. Shared mythologies are one of the oldest forms of human togetherness, because our shared beliefs and worldviews (aka: stories) literally structure our brains and shape our perception of reality. We invite everyone in this space to remember the power of words and to see what happens when we focus our attention and bring presence to ourselves and  in relation to each other.


Q. What can I expect in this space?

You can expect authenticity and easeful time together. You can expect the unexpected. You can expect playfulness and expressions of grief and sorrow as we drum up future visions. You can expect experimentation and emergence. You can expect a space where we aren’t critiquing but celebrating one another’s unique voice and vision and shares. 


Q. So, what is this container?

This container:

is a spell for the future world we want to see. 

is a balm to the atrophying connective tissues of humans. 

is for everyone ages 14 to 140. 

is for bridging different voices and experiences. 

is for trying the future on for size. 

is for ourselves, our ancestors and our descendants. 

is for self reflection within the collective body. 

is for expanding our edges.

is for trying. 

is for having fun together while imagining what kind of world we want to be a part of. 

Let’s gather during this season of incubation, nesting, and mid-winter dreaming to sip on the voices and visions among us. As we remember how to be attentive listeners, practice the art of story and hear from our elders and our youngers and everyone in-between...we’ll watch the light return together for 5 Saturdays from Feb 4- Mar 11 (no class Feb 18th).


We’ll incorporate somatic practices, experimentation, quietness and games to help shape our time together. There will be opportunity to workshop stories, to practice both story writing--focusing on the written word, and oral storytelling--focusing on sharing from our bodies and hearts. 


Meeting Logistics:

PT/Chimacum area (exact location TBA)

Saturdays Feb 4- Mar 11 (no gathering Feb 18th)


Childcare options available - ask for details


Bring what you need (suggestions - notebook, pens, water/tea, snack)

Q. How do I register?

1. Fill out the form below

2. Email us at 

3. Bring someone between 14 - 20 years old for FREE! 

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The Wild Weave Collective 

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