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Swerv practices down-to-earth human stuff! They are passionate about disrupting isolation culture and social constructs by re-weaving the threads of belonging one thought/action/choice/moment at a time. 

Swerv brings irreverent laughter (read: Sacred Fool energy), long-form prayer, ritualistic ordinarialism, poetry, song-catching, mutual aid and community care, ancestor magic, grief and wonder dolls and an unmatched deep-hearted presence in a world that has no value system for any of it!


Swerv's work stems from their own dance with death and grief living in the margins of modern life. They are a forever student of the mysteries of the unseen world--regularly traveling to places in the deep and bringing back the boon to share.


They're like talking to an ancient stone who somehow sees a lot of things differently than most.

Supported and inspired by a web of contemporary thought leaders and co-conspirators in queer+trans liberation, diasporic Judaism, Disability and Healing Justice work, ritualistic grief tenders and in deep service to more love, more belonging, more weird and just right freedom for every being.

Raised on Susquehannock territory (Harrisburg,PA), currently stepping lightly on occupied and stolen Chimakum and S'Klallam lands ( so-called Port Townsend) with garlic in their pocket and visions for a just future in their heart.


Sobonfu and Malidoma Some'

Stephen Jenkinson

Francis J. Weller

Gershon Winkler

Dr. Martin Shaw 

Dori Midnight

Dare Sohei + Larissa Kaul of Animist Arts

More bios from fellow mischief makers coming soon!


New Workshop Plays with Possibility

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